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Jacqui is a comprehensively-trained and internationally-certified BASI Pilates instructor. She discovered Pilates and its many benefits to her own training and physical activities over 17 years ago. The practice soon became part of her everyday life.

Before Jacqui became a Pilates instructor, she worked as a designer in the footwear industry for 20 years. During this time she coached rhythmic gymnastics to provincial level, which instilled a love of teaching movement in her. She became aware of how rewarding it was to help people to reach their health and wellness goals.

Jacqui eventually decided that her real passion lay in Pilates and movement, so she left the footwear industry. She went on to complete her BASI certification and joined forces with Nicola George to open ARC movement studio in central Cape Town.

Jacqui strives to share the benefits of Pilates with each of her clients as individuals and to help them attain their individual goals. Whether this be sport-specific training, lifestyle maintenance and general physical well-being, injury prevention, or end-phase rehabilitation, Jacqui guides her clients with compassion and a sense of humour while safely maximising each session.

She continues to update her Pilates and movement education on a regular basis. When she is not at work in the studio, she enjoys being active in the great Cape outdoors.


"After a manic day in the corporate world, ARC is a calm sanctuary where I can relax, switch off and focus on the movement. Jacqui is outstanding - she challenges you, but also respects your body's boundaries, which for me is a very important quality in a Pilates instructor. We laugh together and have fun. Some days we train hard, other days we focus on our breathing and stretching - mostly dependant on what my stress levels offer on the day. It is an absolute pleasure to train with Jacqui, and I would highly recommend this wonderful studio." - Marilee

"My Pilates sessions with Jacqui have a meditative process at their core that stills the mind and opens the heart. The movements are taught with accurate delicate instructions and instil a self confidence as strength and co ordination are developed from within. The process is abound with subtle challenges and affirmation when improvements are experienced. Jacqui is encouraging and always delightful, and her instructor partners have made me feel totally at home." - Jonathan